Company Profile

Our Company

  • Totally owned by the National Bank of Egypt; one of the largest financial institutions in Africa & Middle East.
  • Start-up issued capital of EGP 500 Million and paid-up capital of EGP 50 Million.
  • We are committed to provide both the public and private sector with high quality, well established healthcare services and employees’ benefits management that raises the efficiency and effectiveness of the society.


Our Concept

  • AMC slogan "صحة أهل مصر" is derived from our vision; aiming to serve the Egyptian community; encompassing each and every organization and individual.
  • We take full responsibility for ensuring the satisfaction of all of our clients and are always endeavoring to maintain and build upon their trust. We create highly effective projects & services that will reform the healthcare sector in Egypt.


Our Vision

  • To become the leading healthcare service provider and the benchmark for socially responsible investment in the healthcare sector in Egypt.


Our Mission

  • To improve healthcare services in Egypt, through excellence in quality and value creation for the Egyptian economy and society.


Our Values

  • Healthcare Sector Reform  

By capitalizing on research, operational excellence, quality controls, management systems, and financial adequacy.

  • Social Impact  

The sector reform should have a positive impact on the Egyptian society in terms of upholding the sector and increasing the quality benchmark, as well as creating and improving employment opportunities.

  • Education

 AMC has genuine interest in developing the sector and the company’s human capital through education and training.

  • National Driver of Economic Growth 

Have a positive economic impact by developing businesses in a vital, promising, and yet undeveloped sector. To become the leading healthcare services provider and the benchmark for socially responsible investment in the healthcare sector in Egypt.

Our Focus Sectors

  • Third Party Administration Services
  • Hospital Management 
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Radiology Centers & Laboratories
  • Training & Education
  • Information Technology Solutions