A word from our CEO

CEO Image


In a highly competitive global business environment, I have always believed that the success of any organization lies in its capability to acquire dedicated professionals who work hand in hand, feel motivated and see the opportunity for growth. We are doing just that by offering AMC employees a climate of responsibility, appreciation and respect, enabling everyone to develop to their full potential, and eliminating any sense of insecurity.


It is not companies and institutions that “do the right thing” - it is individuals - and it follows that it is those who are at the top of companies who MUST do the right thing, ensuring that their example is transmitted down to the people who work for them and then out to the way companies treat their business associates and clients.


Despite the unstable surroundings in the domestic environment, we have devoted our energy to foster a culture that enables our team members to prosper, attaining continuous growth for the company, implementing its strategies and achieving its goals.


As we adapt our organization to accommodate the changing needs of the markets we work in, we continue to lead by example, giving our team of professionals the opportunity to excel and be creative making the best use of the available resources from a position of financial and strategic strength.


I firmly believe that our professionals will continue to meet the expectations of our stakeholders in the future, because, whatever we do, we do with passion and devotion!