What are the papers needed to acquire an approval?

-          Copy of your medical card.

-          The original prescription.

-          AMC medical form.

-          Copy of the approval from AMC approval doctors for services that require prior approval.

-          A report of your case


Can we acquire approvals by e-mail?

Not yet, the only possible method to acquire an approval is through Fax.


How can I use my Medical coverage card?

You need to present your AMC card each time you visit one of our network providers.


What should I do if I want to submit a complaint?

Kindly contact our health line support 19462 or send an e-mail at and we will assist you till your issue is resolved.


How do I know providers within Al Ahly Medical Company’s Network?

You can get AMC Network Booklet from the HR department at your company. Also, you can use our online network portal or call 19462.


Can I visit a non-network provider?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to fully pay the charges of the acquired medical service then send us your reimbursement claim in order to be refunded. Check your user guide or call our health line support.


What are the documents needed for reimbursement? 

Check your user guide or contact our health line support.


How can I get help if I want to know the nearest provider in case I don’t have the network booklet?

Kindly contact our health line support at 19462.


What are the working hours of Al Ahly Medical Company’s Call Center (19462)?

Our health line support is proudly serving you 24/7


What are the working hours of Al Ahly Medical Company’s approvals service?

Sunday through Thursday with the exception of official holidays. We operate from 9:00 AM till 11 PM.


What can I do if my medical coverage card is lost?

Kindly contact your HR Department.