How can I start the contracting process with AMC?

Kindly contact our health line support on 19462 to provide your contact details and we will contact you shortly. You can also send an e-mail at



How efficient and effective is your medical network of service providers?

- Largest Preferred Provider Organization exceeding 3000 contracted Medical Service Providers.
- Contracting all top notch providers “A+” up to class “C” providers; to serve all levels in all areas.
- One of the best contracted rates in Egypt.
- Covering all governorates.



How do you handle emergency cases?

AMC clients’ satisfaction is our first priority especially in emergency cases. If our beneficiaries have an emergency case they need to show their AMC medical card and we guarantee their access to acquire the medical service without any restrictions or approvals till they become able to contact our health line.



Is there a well-defined system when dealing with us?

Yes, there is a well-defined system bordered by corporate governance and transparency with agreed upon policies to each and every business procedure in order to ensure our efficient operations under the pressure of the increasing market demand.



Are there any methods that can track or record medical services provided to your beneficiaries?

We have up-to-date applications that can track and record every transaction done by our beneficiaries accompanied by detailed data regarding their limits, requested approvals and requests to/from our providers.



What are the entities that you are already contracted with at the moment?

We are contracted with more than 40+ of well-known respectable entities in the Egyptian market such as

NOSI – TE Data – BAG – NBE – IBS – Aramex.



How many beneficiaries are acquiring medical services under your umbrella?

We cover more than 150,000 beneficiaries in Egypt and the Middle East.



What is the relationship between AMC and NBE?

AMC is totally owned by National Bank of Egypt; one of the largest financial institutions in Africa & the Middle East.



What should I do if I want to submit a complaint?

Kindly contact our health line support 19462 or send an e-mail at and we will assist you till your issue is resolved.