Health tips

  • Asthma friendly sports

    Swimming is the most asthma-friendly sport of all, but cycling, canoeing, fishing; sailing and walking are good, according to the experts. Asthma does not hinder peak performance in sports. 1% of the US Olympic team was asthmatics – and between them, they won 41 medals.

  • Deep heat

    Sunrays can burn even through thick glass, and under water. Up to 35% of UVB rays and 85% of UVA, rays penetrate thick glass, while 50% of UVB rays and 75% of UVA rays penetrate a meter of water and wet cotton clothing. Which means you will need sunscreen while driving your car, and water resistant block if you are swimming.

  • Here’s the rub

    Improve your circulation and help your lymph glands to drain by the way you towel off. Helping your lymph glands function can help prevent them becoming infected. When drying off your limbs and torso, brush upward your legs and towards the armpits on your upper body. You can do the same during gentle massage with your partner.

  • Rest

    Rest heals the body and has been shown to lessen the risk of heart diseases and psychological problems

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