Individual Medical Discount Cards

AMC introduces its Retail medical discount card targeting those who are not covered by medical insurance or healthcare plans and/or individuals that are interested in acquiring discounted medical services from a professional set of medical service providers with unique discount rates.


  •  First medical discount card with unique user identity
  •  Healthcare services privileges
  • Highly selected professional medical service providers
  • Unique discount rates
  • Seamless user experience
  • 24/7 support thru 19462 hotline services
  • Wide medical network covering all governorates:

                  -   Network of over 600 Medical Service Providers

                  -  Network of over 115 unique Service Provider

  • Diversified Medical Services:

                 - Hospitals

                - Pharmacies

                - Radiology Centers

                - Laboratories

               - Physiotherapy Centers and Optics